Pittsburgh Blue knows how to rock a steak

Edina's restaurant scene beefs up

As for whether you should bring your pescatarian friends...weeeellll, sure. Why not. But they won't eat quite as well as you will. The fish offerings (there are, it goes without saying, no vegetarian or vegan options beyond green salads) aren't bad, but they aren't what they could be. The texture of the walleye and the salmon wasn't quite right, as if they had been frozen, and the pistachio crust on the walleye needed to amp up the flavor about five notches. But the tuna steak was exactly as it should be—seared on the outside, chilled on the inside, flavorful, and fork-tender.

Desserts at Pittsburgh Blue are an over-the-top extravaganza. When the menu warns you that the brownie, key lime pie, and crustless cheesecake serve eight, this is not a typo. Each has the proportions of a good-sized layer cake. And all of these, if you can convince your dining companions to join in, are entirely worth it.

It might not be until you finish that key lime pie that the realization sneaks up on you: That music (playing perhaps a bit too loudly), a lot of it has been '80s New Wave. That right there is Pittsburgh Blue's target market: Gen-Xers who've made it.

The Edina Blue is no game-changer, but it makes all the right moves
Alma Guzman
The Edina Blue is no game-changer, but it makes all the right moves
Alma Guzman

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Pittsburgh Blue

3220 W. 70th St.
Edina, MN 55435

Category: Restaurant > Steak House

Region: Edina


Pittsburgh Blue
3220 W. 70th St., Edina
952.567.2700; pittsburghbluesteak.com
appetizers $9-$16; entrées $10-$40

I haven't spent a lot of time in Lake Minnetonka mansions, but Pittsburgh Blue's decor is what the inside of a Lake Minnetonka mansion looks like in my head: comfortable and solid; up-to-date but not cutting edge; big on the sturdy, dark wood, but not ponderously so. It's a lot like the Gabbert's furniture showroom down the hall in the Galleria, except for the outsized bull's head mounted on the exposed brick.

The rest of the artwork—arresting large-scale photos—is in homage to the Pittsburgh steelworkers (who apparently liked to eat their meat "cooked" in that bizarre way). It's a little disconcerting to eat a $35 steak under the careworn visages of men and women who did dangerous, backbreaking work for their wages. Even more so, perhaps, because these photos are the only somber touches in a restaurant that otherwise manages to hit just the right lighthearted, genuine notes. Is Pittsburgh Blue revolutionary or game-changing in any way? No, but that's not the point. Is any single menu item better than absolutely everywhere else? I wouldn't say so. But the whole package is one that's going to do very well, especially in the Galleria.

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"but that noble cow did not die in order to have its precious flesh desecrated in this way"

Who are you speaking for here? Yourself? The cow? That's the dumbest thing I've ever read in a CP review.

Also why no mention of the wine list?

David Foureyes
David Foureyes

Well written.

Though to not have eaten the namesake steak and pass judgment on it nonetheless, smacks of my 6 year old niece and her tacky 35 year old mother whom declare they dislike foods they've never tried. They are not food writers.

Unless you are writing about food for a school assignment, you may want to avoid this as it makes you look dimwitted.

Mikey Diamonds
Mikey Diamonds

"The same meat guy as Manny's"? He must be using the left-over, throw-it-to-the-dog cuts that Manny sends back. Enjoy your veggie chips, cake eaters.