Fallin' Skies: Jeff Foiles busted for illegal hunting

Rock 'n' roll hunter foiled by his own videos

Afterward, he wanted to write Foiles a letter, but his lawyers discouraged him.

He wishes his old friend peace, he says. And he'll always remember the good hunts.

Like the sunny day that Jeff Foiles, Burdette Foiles, and Marschuetz set up near a small lake.

"We were just drinking coffee, telling stories," Marschuetz recalls.

Then they looked upward and gaped: Some 1,500 ducks were migrating almost a half-mile over their heads.

"So Foiles starts blowing his call," Marschuetz says. "And his dad starts calling with his mouth. And it took about 30 minutes, but those two guys called all those ducks down in a tornado. It was the most overwhelming sight of nature I've ever seen in my whole life. We were so overwhelmed that it had happened, we were never able to hit one. You talk about something that should've been on film!"

Yet no camera crews covered the action that day, Marschuetz says.

"But you know, that's fine. It was just fathers and sons, hanging out. Like it's supposed to be."

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In my opinion its just another celebrity thinking they are above the law because of his stature.

alan s
alan s

cruelty to animals. this guy is a sick ****. taunting an injured animal, plugging its nostrils and holding its beak closed. trying to shoot their beaks off. this dude is a murderous psychopath scumbag. he got off easy. i'd love to have a little conversation with him.


The punishment this man has received is not enough. He thinks he is a God among men and abuses animals and laws. He is disgusting and City Pages didn't do the animals enough justice while writing this story.

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