Guy Fieri in Diners, Drive-Ins, and Disasters

Food Network host gets raw behind the scenes

As the show begins, the crew grows silent. Fieri appears onscreen and the familiar jingle plays. They laugh at Fieri's jokes. For the first time, they're watching as outsiders.

Then they realize that the new production studio hasn't used their soundtrack. When the credits roll, they see that their names have been deleted.

Some in the room are baffled by the edit, wondering why the network took a completed episode, changed its sound, and stripped their credits.

For Page, it takes all of his strength to remain magnanimous.

"I'm not going to tell you the show sucked," Page offers. "It was different than we did it."

UPDATE: Response to Guy Fieri's request for a correction

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wont watch the show EVER!

Joshua Graf
Joshua Graf

Mr. Fieri once called me a douchebag for no good reason other than his ego was in the way. It still gives me a chuckle.

David Lutchen
David Lutchen

I hear from restaraunt owners he is pretty good guy but from others I hear he is a big Hollywood conceded asshole.

Hoffman Humphrey
Hoffman Humphrey

I saw a guy who I thought looked like Guy in the MSP airport. Turned out it really was him....the leather jacket he was wearing had his name written across the back. >shudder