Faustin Linyekula/Studios Kabako: more, more, more ... future

In 2007, Faustin Linyekula and his company, Les Studios Kabako, performed "Festival of Lies" at the Cedar Cultural Center. The two-hour performance, intertwining dance, music, and theater, was miraculous. Out of the Congo's heartbreaking history of slavery, colonization, and corruption, Linyekula created a work of tremendous humanity driven by the desire for truth. Utterly compelling despite its harrowing content, the piece unraveled skeins of memory, propaganda, and imagination without pretense or righteousness. By the end, everyone was dancing. This weekend, the company performs "more, more, more... future" in collaboration with Kinshasa-based electric-guitar star Flamme Kapaya and his band. As the dancers give kinetic expression to the poems of political prisoner Antoine Vumilia Muhindo (Linyekula's childhood friend), expect the rhythms of ndombolo to carry you forward.
Sept. 23-24, 8 p.m., 2011

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