Dudley Riggs reminisces on Brave New Workshop

Comedy troupe readies for its move downtown

That freshness extends downtown for the theater on 824 Hennepin Ave., which includes a pair of stages, room for offices, and, certainly to the delight of anyone who has spent the entire intermission waiting in line, plenty of restrooms.

Before the Brave New Workshop gets down to what it does best—making pointed fun of politics and politicians, fads, and everything else under the sun with what will be its 275th comedy revue—the new 824 Hennepin space will host a special two-week revival of Dudley: Rigged for Laughter, a look at Riggs's career that premiered last year at the History Theatre.

"I think the flag will be carried on downtown," Riggs says. "I get good vibes from it. I think we approached the 2605 Hennepin space originally as just an emergency until I found something better. Certainly, that bike shop location wasn't ideal, but somehow you make it work. Now they're going to make that better."

Dudley Riggs
Emily Utne
Dudley Riggs

Dudley: Rigged for Laughter will play September 29 through October 8 at Brave New Workshop Downtown, 824 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.332.6620. $25.

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