Donovan McNabb ready to win

Can he snag a championship for the Vikings?

But McNabb doesn't even notice—he's too busy laughing at something a guy sitting nearby has said.

Unlike the majority of football players, who tend to live in suburban Eden Prairie, McNabb has made Minneapolis his new home—Uptown, specifically. He's been to Seven Sushi on Hennepin, Manny's Steakhouse on Marquette, and Rainbow Foods in Uptown, where he was spotted with his wife in the meat department.

"We were just confused, because it was like, why is he at Rainbow?" says Dylan Thomas, a reporter for the Southwest Journal who saw McNabb at the market. "It's like, how could you not have seen Lunds?"

Welcome to Minnesota, Donovan. We've got plenty of nice grocery stores.

One sunny afternoon after practice, McNabb walks toward the locker room and rattles off his Minnesota plans: He's going back for more Lynx games and can't wait for the Timberwolves season to start.

"I missed the State Fair," McNabb admits glumly. "But I'll be going to whatever else you guys got here."

McNabb steps over the threshold and into the hallway that leads to the locker room.

"I'm not doing ice-fishing," he calls over his shoulder.


MCNABB RELAXES AT a corner table on the rooftop of Stella's Fish Café in Uptown. Dressed in an orange shirt and loose-fitting jeans, he chats amiably with fellow Vikings player Bernard Berrian and two of their friends.

The other Stella's patrons, mostly guys out for a beer, clearly recognize McNabb. The young men at the table nearby try to furtively snap photos with their cell phones. They're not so discreet. Everyone around them sees what they're doing.

McNabb and his friends ignore the flashing cell phones and stay until nearly midnight. The entire time, no one approaches, until a nosy reporter finally stops by the table to say hello.

"We're just having a few cocktails," McNabb explains.

He makes small talk about Uptown's competing rooftops before the reporter politely bows out.

But the floodgates have opened. A trio of blond guys in loose-fitting shorts approaches to shake McNabb's hand. The waiter stops by with a plate and a request: The executive chef wants McNabb's autograph.

Donovan signs with a flourish.

This place is starting to feel like home. 

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