David Huntsberger

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Acme Comedy Co.

708 N. 1st St.
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)

If you've heard the Professor Blastoff podcast he co-hosts with fellow comics Tig Nataro and Kyle Dunnigan, you might think David Huntsberger to be somewhat of a science geek. "People forward me that stuff, and I watch a lot of shows like Through the Wormhole," he says. "But I never sit down with a pad and write jokes about it. Things have to stew for a while and it kind of stays in my head until I'm thinking, 'Why does this keep bugging me?'" Even a recent story like the latest Jupiter probe hasn't sparked anything with him. "I'm still working on Voyager material." He also points out that neither his act nor the podcast are exclusively science-driven. "The podcast is about science, math, theology, and philosophy," he explains, "but I lump it under the umbrella of anything we find interesting. Kind of like when you sit around with friends and ponder things that don't have a definitive answer." His standup can be as simple and hilarious as thanking people for coming out to a comedy club in the middle of the week. "That's not expected," he recently told a crowd. "It's expected on the weekend. It means either you don't have a job you have to get up early for, or you do have a job you have to get up early for and you don't give a crap about it. I like those kinds of people." 18+.
Aug. 19-20, 8 & 10:30 p.m., 2011
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