Las Teresitas brings back Mexican faves from Taco Morelos

South Minneapolis gets spicy

Sasha Landskov
Sasha Landskov

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Las Teresitas Mexican Restaurant

5748 34th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Category: Restaurant > Mexican

Region: Nokomis


Las Teresitas Mexican Grill
5748 34th Ave. S., Minneapolis
appetizers $3-$10; entrées $6-$12

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Las Teresitas doesn't have a liquor license, but you won't miss the Coronas if you order the cinnamon rice milk horchata or the sweet pink agua de flor de Jamaica. (The latter is made from hibiscus flowers and tastes rather like the scent of a Barbie doll). To complete your meal, Las Teresitas offers a simple but lovely flan. The dessert tastes just as good as it did back in Taco Morelos's early days, its sweetness offset by a hint of bitterness from caramel bleeding into light, silky custard.

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Don't forget, if you need a $10 crack rock, there's one to be had less than 100 yards away outside Crosstown Market.


Tkush- I think you should scurry back to the burbs and dine at your favorite chain joint.

Wendy Comeau
Wendy Comeau

These are the folks that used to run Taco Morelos?!? Then they've done themselves one better. They now deliver to my neighborhood! We ordered from them not long ago and thought the food was pretty good. But now I know I can order my old favorites!

*happy dance*


they deliver!?!?! criminy..there goes my diet!

Big Herb Dickerson
Big Herb Dickerson

Have to say again, THIS is a wonderfully written review. Good detail on ambience, personality of proprieter and history.... Simple and informing description of food... And a writing style that flows without feeling like my eyes are in a corn maze. Thank you Rachel.