Aster Cafe on Saturday 7.2

Dan Israel has quietly made quite a music career for himself, one filled with honest, affecting songwriting that equally captures both the euphoric highs and gloomy lows of modern living, all without a hint of pretension or posturing. He's currently celebrating the release of his 11th album, Crosstown Traveler, a compelling new batch of tunes that smoothly blends his quieter, more reflective songs with a louder, more robust roots-rock sound, all the while colored by Israel's astute lyrics and his rich, weathered vocals. He's always been a musician who deserves a wider audience, and hopefully with this new collection of strong, striking songs, the acclaim and recognition will come to one of the area's most consistent songwriters. With Slim Dunlap and Terry Walsh. All ages. $8. 9 p.m. 125 SE Main St., Minneapolis; 612.379.3138. —Erik Thompson

Eddie Vedder

Orpheum Theatre on Saturday 7.2

The ever-dapper Elvis Costello
James O'Mara
The ever-dapper Elvis Costello

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The year 2011 is shaping up to be quite a memorable one for Pearl Jam. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary in the music biz with a two-night blow-out festival at Alpine Valley later this summer, as well as the subsequent release of a Cameron Crowe-directed documentary on their venerable career. And on top of all of that, PJ's frontman, Eddie Vedder, has just released a unique new solo album, Ukulele Songs, a deeply personal batch of songs that feature Vedder starkly strumming away on a ukulele. And while the swirling guitars of his principal band have been stripped away, the new tunes are all injected with Vedder's percipient worldview and his unmistakable gravelly croon. This intimate theater show should feature a diverse cross-section of songs from throughout Vedder's distinguished career, as well as quite a few choice covers that will serve as a knowing nod from the singer to those who have influenced him along the way. With Glen Hansard. All ages. $79. 7:30 p.m. 910 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; 612.339.7007. —Erik Thompson

The Black Keys

Roy Wilkins Auditorium on Sunday 7.3

The Black Keys have blown up. They have gone from a band that had trouble filling up the Entry back in the day, to consistently packing First Avenue on multiple-night stands, to their biggest local gig yet, an immediately sold-out stint at Roy Wilkins. After releasing one of the strongest, most assured records of their career with Brothers, Akron duo has been on a natural ascension, one filled with a consistently growing audience, multiple Grammy Awards, and a near-ubiquitous presence on current TV advertisements. But the music is ultimately what matters most, and their soulful sound is a modern mix of garage rock and old-school blues that has certainly found its audience, while their raucous live show is always incendiary and a guaranteed good time—if you're lucky enough to have a ticket, that is. With Cage the Elephant. All ages. $39.50. 7:30 p.m. —Erik Thompson

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