Come Hell or High Water

In a spring where natural disasters have knocked down communities like dominos, former Theatre de la Jeune Lune company members Dominique Serrand and Steven Epp, along with the Moving Company, have crafted a musical meditation on the wreckage that fury out of our control can make of landscapes and lives. Adapted from William Faulkner's novella Old Man, Come Hell and High Water uses the Mississippi flood of 1927 to look at the bigger picture, including Hurricane Katrina. Serrand set out to craft a poetic, musical piece about the issues and found the perfect companion in Faulkner's writing. Layered onto that is music, running the gamut of Delta styles and going as far as to include opera in the mix. The story centers on a convict conscripted to aid in the relief during the 1927 flood, and his later experiences with an even bigger disaster. The company also includes Nathan Keepers, Katelyn Skelley, Sara Richardson, and Alexei Moon Cassell. (Photo by Dominique Serrand)
Thursdays, 7:30 p.m.; Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m.; Sundays, 7 p.m. Starts: May 12. Continues through May 29, 2011
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