Zola Jesus

For some buzz bands, graduating to a full-on studio after trafficking in a sound shrouded in tape hiss exposes some nasty flaws, but in the case of goth-pop outfit Zola Jesus, the trade-up is quite welcome. Nika Danilova (Zola Jesus's founder and driving creative force) has a dusky voice with a hidden reserve of ghostly power, and the band's recent work taking a turn toward the immaculate has allowed them to showcase her vocals without obscuring everything with scratchy white noise. Now, quietly glowing new-wave synths, murky midnight beats, and those impressive pipes round out ZJ's gloomy, darkly romantic sound. With Naked on the Vague and Wet Hair. 18+. (Photo by Man Alive!)
Sat., April 30, 8 p.m., 2011
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