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It's late on Saturday night when we finally get in touch with comedian Mary Mack. She's calling from Los Angeles where she has just finished shooting a commercial. "They were casting models, but they weren't funny enough so they got me," she explains. "I did a very good job of looking like a haggard wife. I'd say that's my niche." She splits her time between Southern California and Minneapolis, where she recently bought a home. "I've been doing a lot of home repair, probably too much. I tiled my bathroom the other day. Now I appreciate comedy a lot more. It was pretty difficult. It wasn't even fun for the first five minutes." She reckons the home improvement projects are a subconscious way of avoiding her writing duties. However, even though she has a house that's been torn apart by several simultaneous projects, Mack has still managed to come up with a great deal of new material, much of it more personal than previous sets. "I talk more about my anxieties. There's so much serious stuff going on. People need to laugh. I don't care if it's at my expense. I have brothers and sisters. I'm used to it." 18+.
April 26-30, 8 p.m.; April 29-30, 10:30 p.m., 2011

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