Formed during the mid-1970s halcyon days of the U.K. punk upheaval, Wire remain a highly influential band who continue their enigmatic, maverick ways on the new Red Barked Tree. Disbanded and revived several times over the years, Wire is now reduced to the trio of original members Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, and Robert Grey, joined by guitarist Matt Simms on tour. Always unpredictable, Wire veer from anti-rock obstinacy to exploring pop conceits, strict avant-garde experimentation, minimalism, and noisy punk aggression. Tree has a bit of it all, from the opening "Please Take" (juxtaposing sleek, lyrical pop with a fuck-off message) to the jagged, industrial spiral "Moreover" and the punky bile of "Two Minutes." It's an album with tendrils drifting back to an earlier era, yet Wire don't sound dated so much as a band still setting their own peculiar agenda of fragmented symmetry. With Arcwelder. 18+.
Sun., April 10, 7 p.m., 2011
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