Kristoff Krane

Kristoff Krane is the latest Minnesota MC to miss the hip-hop memo and wear his heart on his sleeve while dealing with his unresolved issues head-on and publicly, like a memoirist without the potential for career-crushing controversy. The beats are inventive, mixing free-jazz, funk, and a found sound here and there in a tight, spare manner that's somehow light and tense at the same time. Like much of the hip hop that comes from this city, it will likely get saddled with the "emo-hop" label, but that doesn't quite fit correctly for Krane. Sure, he tells some harsh, hurtful stories, but the difference, it seems, is that he's not looking for approval or a reaction from the audience to signal him that everything is going to be okay. Everything might not be all right, but the important thing is that Krane is a survivor and will endure to tell his story another day. With Lauren, Status Reign. All ages.
Fri., March 25, 6:30 p.m., 2011
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