Murs is a busy man.  Not only did he start the Paid Dues Festival (think the Warped Tour of indie rap), but he's preparing himself for its sixth anniversary with a 35-city romp around the country that hits Minneapolis on Thursday night. The rapper, whose narration blends storytelling, humor, and street smarts, has an expansive and varied catalog. He first built his name in the Oakland/L.A. Living Legends collective before moving on to solo work. He is a frequent collaborator with Slug, releasing three records with the Atmosphere frontman under the Felt moniker, and has even been involved in a punk fusion band with openers Whole Wheat Bread. With Tabi Bonney, Ab-Soul, and DJ Foundation. 18+.
Thu., March 3, 8 p.m., 2011
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Bus Driver
Bus Driver

This is an awfully pathetic write-up. Has the journo even heard MURS? You'd never guess. This coulda been pulled straight from Wiki. Talk about no value-added... The real question is WHA HAPPENED? When MURS dropped his album with 9th Wonder last year, he promised 9 more. Instead he's released hardly anything since. And even that wasn't much to write home about tho' it was at least better than his 2008 MURS for President. Talk about FALLING THE F*** OFF.... say hi to Talib Kweli while you're down there...