Ten Twin Cities dogs ready for adoption

Pups seek loving homes

Sad that you can't adopt Guess, the five-month-old schnoodle Stacey Champion sealed in an airless box and tried to mail to Georgia?

Don't be—he has plenty of cute friends in need of homes.

Guess found a home with Terri Ford of south Minneapolis, who won a drawing to adopt him. But there are plenty of doggies who could use your love.

Guess will go to someone else's loving home, but there's plenty of other cute dogs up for adoption
Guess will go to someone else's loving home, but there's plenty of other cute dogs up for adoption

Here are pics of 10 Twin Cities dogs available to adopt right now!

All photos courtesy of their respective shelters.


This spayed female hound/shepherd mix is three and a half months old and ready for you. Find out more about her at Animal Humane Society.


This nine-year-old Pekinese lost her eye many years ago, but otherwise is perfectly healthy. She likes older kids and having her belly rubbed. Find out more by visiting PetProjectRescue.com.


This little Yorkie/Havanese puppy is just five months old and weighs only seven pounds—the vet thinks he'll grow to be just ten pounds as an adult. For more information, check with Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota.

Sammy and/or Sprinkles

Sprinkles, a sweet girl, and her rambunctious brother Sammy were born approximately December 1, 2010. They are both a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix and can be adopted from Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota together or separately.


She's seven weeks old, a Labrador Retriever/pit bull mix. Her owners gave her up because she was part of an unwanted litter. Adopters get a free eight-week training pass to the Animal Humane Society's Training School. For more details about Cici, see her on the Animal Humane Society website.


This sweet, seven-year-old Golden Retriever was a puppy mill mama, and she is a happy dog. She does have some special medical needs, including some pretty severe problems with her hips. You can read more about her at the website of Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota.


Maisey is about two years old, and very affectionate and happy. She's being cared for at a foster home through Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary. If you want to meet Maisey, call her foster dad at 763.533.4227.


Katie is a seven-year-old miniature pinscher and, at 15 pounds, a little bit tubby. This poor doggie was stuck in the house when her owner passed away! But she's still happy, friendly, and good with kids. If you are interested in Katie you can email Lori at L5hutch@aol.com or visit Southern Star Min Pin Rescue online.

Memphis Blue

This nearly five-year-old Great Dane had a happy home, but his mom got very ill. He'd love to live in a home with one other big dog, and with a nice big fenced yard. When he was younger he was in an accident and lost part of his tail. He's leash-trained, house-trained, graduated from advanced obedience training—and is very loving. Find out more from Great Dane Rescue of Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Buster is a one-year-old lab mix, house-trained, crate-trained, and good with kids. His tail is always wagging and he gets along well with other dogs. He's trained with a whistle, and comes about 95 percent of the time. Read more about him at Secondhand Hounds online.

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Leash Dog Training
Leash Dog Training

Nice different pics of dogs . As a pet lover. I really like this much . More post from you . Thanks .:D


Thank you, Erin Carlyle & City Pages! This is exactly what the public needs to know: For every "Guess" that needs a home, tens of thousands cats and dogs (in our state alone) are already available. Unfortunately for those that reside in kill shelters, many will only be on the market for a limited time.

Most homeless pets are not in shelters because there is anything "wrong" with their behavior or health. Usually, dogs and cats and puppies and kittens are in shelters solely because they become separated from their owners (lost), are born as a result of an "oops" litter, or are homeless due to a change in living conditions. "Designer breeds", "mutts", and purebreds can all be found locally on Petfinder.com.


Thank you for this article ... it's great to pass along the wonderful service these rescue organizations provide the Upper Midwest!