Literary Death Match

Now in its fifth year, Literary Death Match, the popular performance-beer-author event, is hitting the road again, making a pit stop in Minnesota. Unlike a typical reading that features a small, quiet, sober audience, tonight's event takes a page from slam poetry nights and gets rowdy. Four authors have been invited—Matt Burgess (Dogfight, A Love Story), Nicole Helgit (The Turtle Catcher), Barrie Jean Borich (My Lesbian Husband), and Brad Liening (Ghosts and Doppelgangers)—and each will have the opportunity to blow audiences away in seven-minute readings of their work. They then will be critiqued, reality show-style, by a panel of mouthy judges, including Jeff Kamin of Books and Bars, comedian Mike Fotis, and banjo expert Ellen Stanley. (Photo by studentofrhythm)
Tue., March 1, 7 p.m., 2011
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How come these articles never state WHERE an event is taking place? I can guess because of the related articles and because of their credentials that this is taking place at BLB but I will still google it to make sure. Get it together CityPages!