Titus Andronicus

Concept-album schomcept-album: Titus Andronicus's sophomore long-player with fiddle and readings from Walt Whitman and William Lloyd Garrison, the broken-romance-as-Civil-War-epic punk opera The Monitor, wouldn't mean squat if it didn't foist such an appealing variety of guitar textures on you at once. As with the band's 2008 debut, The Airing Of Grievances, the sound is two parts crushed jangle, one part mutant fuzztone, and a pinch of surf-scratch gone lyrical, all blanketing junk vocals more Paul Westerberg than Conor Oberst—too angry and/or bashful to approach the latter's theatrical sob. The cheerful pop references are also very Dillinger Four, and these New Jersey boys are Clashy too, if the Clash had been more into the Band and eight-minute song sagas. Can't wait for them to go pop. All ages. (Photo by Bao Nguyen)
Fri., Sept. 17, 5 p.m., 2010
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