Gary Shteyngart

Gary Shteyngart follows up the funny Absurdistan with Super Sad True Love Story (Random House), a dystopian comedy set about 10 years in the future, in a totalitarian, nearly bankrupt U.S. where there's one political party (the Bipartisan Party) and the largely illiterate, caustic, and anxious citizenry has more or less fused with its handheld computers (äppäräti). Amid this not unfamiliar moronic inferno is a love story between Lenny Abramov, a graying, clownish, quasi-intellectual son of Russian immigrants, and Eunice Park, a young, barbed, deeply insecure daughter of Korean immigrants. As in Shteyngart's earlier work, broad comedy and righteous satire rub up against blooming romanticism. Shteyngart is about as sharp off the cuff as he is on the page, so expect a rewarding Q&A period. (Photo by Bridgette Lacombe)
Tue., Sept. 21, 7:30 p.m., 2010
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