Ringo offers worldly menu

From South Korea to South Africa

Ringo's not yet a star, but it is a bright light
Mike Dvorak
Ringo's not yet a star, but it is a bright light

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5331 W. 16th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Golden Valley


5331 W. 16th St., St. Louis Park
952.303.5574; www.ringorestaurant.com
appetizers $3-$11; entrées $16-$25

Going back to the previous music analogy, I see little reason to listen to the recording of a musician who's only made a cursory dip into a particular musical genre, when I have equal access to one who has made a deeper commitment and is likely to execute a better performance. But restaurants aren't sound waves: They're rooted to a physical space. Most St. Louis Park residents don't have convenient access—if any at all—to a dedicated Korean, Belgian, or South African restaurant, among others. Ringo's global menus may be less dialed-in than such places, but if the choice is between experiencing a newcomer's take on the cuisine or nothing at all, I'll give the former a chance.

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