Gay Witch Abortion

Gay Witch Abortion would be nauseating if they weren't so talented. The local duo unleashes seizure-inducing noise rock boasting proven abilities to turn your intestines into goopy precious metals. The brutal, undulating screeches expand to become such a monstrosity listeners expect the music to cave in on itself, begin to weep, and drag an acoustic guitar to coffee-shop open-mic nights to whine about group therapy. But it doesn't. The power remains steady and constant, begging for ears to bleed, begging to push the pain threshold just a little bit further. In one minute the unrepentant sonic assault could crush your pelvis. In one set it could leave you feeling that was the best show you ever saw. And with this stellar lineup, that's a guarantee. With Birthday Suits, Pink Mink, Jim and the French Vanilla. 18+.
Sat., June 19, 9 p.m., 2010
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