Bill Hinkley, 1942-2010

Saying goodbye to the Prairie Home Companion musician

Bill Hinkley made a good life. He learned many languages while in the U.S. Air Force, however, he wisely went on to teach hundreds of acoustic players whose names you most likely will never read in these pages, teaching at the Pickin' Parlor and the West Bank School of Music. But the master also instructively made the good death, complete with a timeless soundtrack, for those he leaves behind, and there's no measurement of gratitude for that and the music he made during his life, playing those grace notes right up to the song's finish.

Bill Hinkley, with partner Judy Larson
Eve MacLeish
Bill Hinkley, with partner Judy Larson

Martin Keller is a former staffer, editor, writer, and columnist for City Pages, and author of Music Legends for the Minnesota Series.

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