Alisha Neeley's death leads to girl gang truce

The Ladiis and the Baddest squash their beef

By 2004, T-Streets was locked up on felony assault charges, so the sisters had to represent his name on the streets while he was behind bars. LeLe started dating one of the Tre Tre Crips members, Kenneth Dillard. The group of girls became known as the Lady Trez, following the boys to parties and fighting girls from rival gangs.

The violence turned deadly in 2007. Dillard and another Tre Tre member were charged in the death of 14-year-old Charez Jones. She was caught in gang crossfire while walking home from a birthday party.

When fellow gang members snitched on each other to police, the Lady Trez lost faith in the boys and decided to branch off on their own. They decided to represent as the hottest girls on the North Side, wearing the coolest clothes and mesmerizing the cutest boys in town. They became the Ladiis.

The Ladiis and the Baddest release balloons following the truce banquet in honor of LeLe
Kris Drake
The Ladiis and the Baddest release balloons following the truce banquet in honor of LeLe

LeLe took charge of the Ladiis, recruiting new members and making a name for the group on the streets. She was beautiful and flirtatious, which brought boys around.

In 2007, LeLe, Helena, and fellow Ladii Latisha Williams were in a car on their way to get some food. As they passed a park, LeLe saw the girl her ex-boyfriend was dating. LeLe rolled down the car window and started yelling at her.

Tish joined in. "LeLe wants to fight you!" she taunted.

LeLe jumped out of the driver's seat. Before Helena could park the car, LeLe was already punching a girl to the ground and stomping on her.

A single gunshot echoed through the park. The girls scattered. The next time Helena saw LeLe, she had blood gushing from her mouth and tears streaming down her face.

"Oh my God, they shot you," Helena said.

LeLe rolled her eyes. "No, them hoes pistol-whipped me."


ERIKA "CHA" KILLINGSWORTH KNEW EARLY ON she had to fight for herself.

While attending Willard Elementary, Cha started her first fight with another girl during track and field day. The girl had been taunting her for days and Cha was sick of it.

Before the teacher pulled her away, Cha had been socked in the head and had a nasty bump to show for it.

When she got home, her mom yelled at her.

"You let her put a lump on your head?" her mother scolded. "You let her do that to you? You need to defend yourself."

By high school, Cha had been in multiple fights with Briana Hunter, a member of the Ladiis. As the fighting became more intense between Cha and Bri, friends started joining the fray.

When the Ladiis posted a "punching list" on MySpace, Cha and a number of her friends were included. Banding together, they decided to make their clique official. They were the Baddest.

Before long, the girls were proclaiming their clique on MySpace, scrawling their symbol on school notebooks, and throwing up their "B" sign.

Cha called a meeting at her house to talk about what it meant to be a part of the Baddest.

"We're the Baddest," Cha told her friends. "If we're going to be in this together, we need to follow some rules."

The Baddest came up with bylaws: "If you don't fight when we fight, you're kicked out. We have to keep good grades, get all the boys, and wear the hottest clothes. We don't mess with each other's boyfriends. The number-one target is The Ladiis."

The first full-on fight happened at a Henry vs. Edison basketball game in January 2009. A member of the Ladiis had made up a rumor that a girl in the Baddest had jumped her, so after the game the rival gangs met up to scrap.

The girls circled, screaming and amping each other up. One of the Ladiis made the first move, and suddenly every girl jumped in. Police moved in with mace to separate the combatants.

The next day, the Baddest posted a photo on MySpace of Monique Sanders's weave, which they had ripped out during the brawl.

As the rivalry grew more intense, the Ladiis and the Baddest started looking for confrontations every weekend.

Cha would call Monique on a Friday night. "Ya'll there? What's up?"

"Oh, we're there," Monique would say.

"Okay, we're on the way," Cha would say before hanging up.

There were times when the Baddest would show up to find the Ladiis fighting another girl gang. The Baddest would patiently wait their turn.

By summer, the girls were carrying weapons: mace, padlocks, knives. The two cliques carved their own paths around the neighborhood to avoid running into each other. Anybody caught slippin' was sure to get jumped.

That winter, the Baddest were hanging out smoking weed and drinking when they got a call from Cha's boyfriend. The Ladiis were at a party nearby.

That's all the Baddest needed to hear. They were too drunk to think straight, and their hatred had spiraled out of control.

Cha was furious. "I don't care who I see," she screamed as they walked to the party. "I'm gonna fight anybody."

At the party, LeLe and Veronica Perkins were inside dancing when they got a text from Tish that the Baddest were outside. "You better come back out," Tish said. "Looks like we're gonna fight."

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