Henry Rollins

To Henry Rollins, the term "spoken word" is pretentious; he just gets up on stage and talks. If that seems uneventful, consider that Rollins is a punk icon, activist, author, and actor who has been travelling the world for decades, collecting life experiences and molding them into engaging material for his one-man tours. You could call him a dilettante, but his wealth of job titles suggests that the man is an entertainer, pure and simple—a commanding presence full of ink, muscle, and charisma. While Rollins may have mellowed slightly in comparison to his younger, more desperate days, he maintains a level of coiled-spring intensity that other storytellers wish they had; he's able to flip between jokes and deadly serious subject matter with a combination of finesse and verbal dynamism that feels completely natural. Now he's 49 with graying hair, but you could never mistake Hank for your grandfather, because, really, your grandfather's stories were never this interesting. All ages. (Photo by Chris Friese)
Fri., May 14, 8 p.m., 2010
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