Lyall Delaney denies double-dipping

Minneapolis Police Federation's treasurer also a lobbyist

Delaney responded with a letter sent directly to the union members' homes.

"A few misinformed individuals, whose motivations I believe are suspect, began spreading the rumor that I abused my Federation position for financial gain through the Police Officers' Alliance of Minnesota (POAM)," Delaney wrote. "I am personally and deeply hurt by these false allegations."

Ballots for the union board have gone out, and everyone is holding their breath to see if Delaney will survive. The votes will be counted April 29.

A whisper campaign has fractured the force
A whisper campaign has fractured the force

Delaney faces a stiff challenge in Sgt. Tim Hoeppner, 49, a popular cop unafraid to speak his mind. Win or lose, Hoeppner says, he'll be pushing for reform.

"Some of these decisions that the board has made are our decisions to make," Hoeppner says. "We should really get to vote on these things."

Though Delaney staunchly defends his work, he is willing to concede that his critics are right on one point: "Clearly, I dropped the ball on the communication part of it." 

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