Peter Rickmyer: Northside gadfly or real pain in the ass?

Neighborhood nuisance filing lawsuits left and right

It's enough to make the neighbors throw up their hands in frustration.

"These lawsuits are being treated as if there's merit. That's the part that's incredibly frustrating," says Monroe.

The issue is particularly vexing to the neighbors because north Minneapolis has a high number of Level 3 sex offenders: 16 in the zip code that includes Jordan, eight more in the zip code just north.

"Not only are we being the involuntary hosts of this undesirable part of the community, but on top of that, in this case, we are the involuntary victims in another area of the law itself," says Councilmember Don Samuels. "And the good neighbors have to put up with all this. It's a burdensome task." 

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