Drinking Liberally pairs progressive politics and a social hour

Minnesota's chapter meets weekly and launched in 2004

After a few more questions, Timmer thanks Kelliher and calls an end to the evening. The Drinking Liberally crew begins to leave, and a bunch of kids in hipster beards start setting up their band gear for the show that's coming up next. Kelliher retreats to a booth off to the side. For the first time since she arrived, she sits down. Her campaign staffers fill in the benches around her and rehash the day. Someone brings a pizza over, and Kelliher eats hungrily.

Margaret Anderson Kelliher stumps at the 331 Club
Ella Schreck
Margaret Anderson Kelliher stumps at the 331 Club

"I liked this," she says, between bites. "It's different from the usual campaign event, more informal. I think Drinking Liberally is becoming a required appearance for people seeking office."  

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