Bachmann and Twitter grow to be fast friends

Crazy congresswoman building empire of tweeps

Dusty Trice, a former staffer in Al Franken's 2008 Senate campaign who spent a big part of 2008-09 hounding Bachmann with the aid of a video camera and YouTube, says Bachmann's Twitter success is to be admired, regardless of how one feels about her politics.

"Bachmann nurtures relationships" on Twitter, Trice says. "Her brand grows faster. It's the right strategy."

She also knows how to create a virtual circle of engagement that draws on her endless and controversial cable news appearances, made-for-TV protests, and statements on the House floor. All that old-school media is fodder to drive the social-media machine forward, he says.

Bachmann: Hot for Twitter
Bachmann: Hot for Twitter

"It's a two-way street," Trice says. "She understands that it's not just a place to dump press releases." 

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