Magic Castles

Magic Castles don't belong in this era. Much of their sound conjures Syd Barrett-helmed Pink Floyd, but undertones hark back to a more disant age, when footfalls of horses held a steady beat for echoing trail songs. In "Mountains of Snow," a lonesome cowboy's oddly Motown-style narration weaves between simple, breathy vocals and slowly trotting bass lines inching toward the ether. "Mystical Sage Warrior" is more upfront with its psych attribution. A viola ominously segues into thick, broken-record rhythms building in intensity and strangeness before Kinks-style guitar spills over into a calm, cosmic reflecting pool languidly making up the song's middle, drip-dripping until the fadeout. The band's patchwork snippets of influence form an alluring concoction that shines with the best of the cities' soothsayers and sits comfortably with the history books. With Sun and the Satellite and Come Fizzy Dolphin.
Thu., Feb. 4, 9:30 p.m., 2010
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