Can Good Day Cafe also serve great food at night?

Golden Valley eatery reputed for awesome breakfasts now serves dinner

Still, in regard to the breakfast vs. dinner question, even the Good Day's bakery offerings seem to reflect the restaurant's superiority with morning fare. The carrot cake and brownies are fine, but not nearly as glorious as the caramel rolls or the beignets. I can't help but react to Good Day's introduction of dinner service the same way I did to Hell's Kitchen's: It still feels like a breakfast place at heart.

So the very next Sunday I again joined the crowds for a Good Day brunch. The hostess hollered names in a hoarse whisper that was barely audible above the din. As usual, I missed my party's name being called and had to get it reinstated on the messily scrawled list.

But once I was seated, I remembered why I find Good Day worth the hassle: Its breakfast options include all the standards, made just a little more special. The eggs Benedict can be ordered with crab cakes; the fried-egg sandwich is stacked with ham and avocado; and the glazed-doughnut pancakes taste just like a fresh, hot Krispy Kreme, straight off the conveyer belt.

Comfort food, and plenty of it: Mac and cheese for grownups (foreground); Cajun chicken pasta
Alma Guzman
Comfort food, and plenty of it: Mac and cheese for grownups (foreground); Cajun chicken pasta

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Good Day Cafe

5410 Wayzata Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Golden Valley


5410 Wayzata Blvd., Golden Valley
appetizers $5-$11; entrées $11-$26

On this visit, I branched out from those favorites and ordered a few things I'd never tried, splitting an apple soufflé-style pancake and a plate of huevos rancheros. The first resembled a bland, eggy pannekoeken—big enough to cover the entire plate—loaded with warm apple slices and still-bubbling pools of caramel. (I liked it all right but figured that if I were going to ingest that much butter and sugar, I'd prefer an apple tart tatin.) The huevos rancheros—eggs, black beans, and chorizo patties swimming in red and green salsa over a bed of flour tortillas—wasn't quite as good as it is at most Mexican joints, but it had the basics covered, including being sufficiently spicy.

I decided to bypass the health-conscious pomegranate smoothie for a chocolate-coconut coffee drink called the Almond Joy. It's served in a bright, bulbous Fiestaware mug, topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut: If that's not joy, I don't know what is. As I left the restaurant all sugar-rushed and caffeinated, I sensed the day would shape up to be a good one. 

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