Om Restaurant serves up nirvana on a platter, Indian-style

Vik Uppal has a new spot in the nightclub district

Instead, I'd suggest the coconut crème brûlée or a drink called the Himalaya that tastes rather like it. Om has a strong drinks program, actually. Two cocktails I'd definitely order again: the Agni, made with vodka, lime, and Thai chiles; and the Karma, made with whiskey, cardamom, and cream that tasted like a spicy, butterscotch candy with a pleasant, chest-warming effect. Service was polished and helpful, though perhaps a little paternal when I tried to order a rose lassi and had my request flatly denied:

"What do you mean, 'No'?" I asked our waiter.

"Don't order that," he advised. "It tastes like the smell of your grandma's bathroom."

"I've had rose petal syrup before. I'd still like to try it. I'm willing to take the risk."

A few minutes later, our waiter returned with my friends' after-dinner drinks and, for me, a sample of the chai. (Unintentionally or not, he never brought the lassi.) Still, the chai was delicious: heavy on the cardamom, with a soothing, malty finish and a strong caffeine kick. Had the lights been dimmed and a Bollywood soundtrack projected, who knows how the night might have finished? 

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