Om Restaurant serves up nirvana on a platter, Indian-style

Vik Uppal has a new spot in the nightclub district

Instead, I'd suggest the coconut crème brûlée or a drink called the Himalaya that tastes rather like it. Om has a strong drinks program, actually. Two cocktails I'd definitely order again: the Agni, made with vodka, lime, and Thai chiles; and the Karma, made with whiskey, cardamom, and cream that tasted like a spicy, butterscotch candy with a pleasant, chest-warming effect. Service was polished and helpful, though perhaps a little paternal when I tried to order a rose lassi and had my request flatly denied:

"What do you mean, 'No'?" I asked our waiter.

"Don't order that," he advised. "It tastes like the smell of your grandma's bathroom."

Not just a chef, a "culinary engineer": Raghavan Iyer with wild salmon
Alma Guzman
Not just a chef, a "culinary engineer": Raghavan Iyer with wild salmon


401 First Ave. N., Minneapolis

"I've had rose petal syrup before. I'd still like to try it. I'm willing to take the risk."

A few minutes later, our waiter returned with my friends' after-dinner drinks and, for me, a sample of the chai. (Unintentionally or not, he never brought the lassi.) Still, the chai was delicious: heavy on the cardamom, with a soothing, malty finish and a strong caffeine kick. Had the lights been dimmed and a Bollywood soundtrack projected, who knows how the night might have finished? 

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