The Songs We Can't Escape

Birdman feat. Drake
"More Milli"

Lil Wayne's guardian/label benefactor would like you to gape at his stable of whips and swag (ergo "Foreign grinds, hard times, gettin' mine/You know?"), while Canada's hottest MC-in-waiting asserts that he's "the most requested/the young nigga that everybody is so obsessed with." Which MC is most likely to go gold at this point? You get one guess; think hard.

"Death Compass"

From almost impossibly serene beginnings, "Compass" incrementally steamrolls into balls-out levels of intensity, a marathon amalgamation of scorching electronic flare-ups, simulated foghorn hum, and squishy digital puree. So soupily seductive, so achingly choice.

Get 'em Mamis
"Planet Swag"

Dare I say it? I'll say it: There's something fetching about retro-futurist she-rap stacked with gratuitous sci-fi geek references, where a line like "Then I say, 'You owe me one'/My crib right next to Obie-One" doesn't feel out of place alongside gratuitous granite-hearted "Independent Woman #1"-ish sass. If they ever shoot a video for this, Missy Elliott had better be at the top of their cameo call list.

"Black Hoodie Rap"

Is "fuck dudes in skinny jeans, lol u r so gay" like '09 hip hop's default hate memo or something? Thug homophobia: the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and....

White Hills
"Return of Speed Toilet"

See? You slip a quarter in, take a seat on the stall-free porcelain throne, and voila: a fierce, volcanic ambient metal soundtrack to that epic dump you couldn't hold for the rest of the drive home from the Boris show.

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