The Dodos

For a buzz band with mountains of hype surrounding them, the Dodos have a sound that is mysteriously lacking in certain areas. No distortion. No synthesizers. No bass. But what the Dodos do have is a vast reserve of frenetic, crackling energy, infusing what would otherwise be pleasant folk tunes with a whiplash-inducing speed. Logan Kroeber's drums are bracingly wild, hammering out a foundation on which to base Meric Long's acoustic guitar, which is sometimes strummed so intensely that it's a wonder his pick doesn't disintegrate or burst into flames. This energy would be wasted if the songs themselves didn't hold up, but the hooks on last year's Visiter proved so effective that they netted the band a ton of positive press (and a beer commercial). Though the reception of their newest album, Time to Die, has been less enthusiastic than that of their '08 breakthrough, the Dodos' live performance could be enough to transform the tepid into the triumphant. With Ruby Suns. 21+. (Photo by Charlie Vineyard)
Tue., Oct. 20, 8 p.m., 2009
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