Amy Millan

As a part of modern supergroup Broken Social Scene and the female lead in pop heartbreakers Stars, Amy Millan has plenty to do, so it's all the more remarkable that she finds time to record tender, fragile alt-country albums like 2006's Honey from the Tombs and this year's Masters of the Burial. Approaching all the material in much the same manner, Millan deviates little in her delivery, but this fails to be a problem due mostly to the stunning quality of her voice. A hushed, feather-light thing, simultaneously full of youthful wonder and weathered sadness, that voice is as effective at carrying her rootsy solo work as it is bolstering the rock-oriented offerings of her other bands. Live, Millan hardly needs to resort to affected twang to make her country and bluegrass songs come across—she does it with the sheer melancholy couched in her dreamy vocals. With Bahamas. 21+.
Sat., Oct. 17, 8 p.m., 2009
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