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First Avenue VIP Lounge

Some DJs might be euphemistic about what's in their crates—they play "dance grooves" or "body music" or something similarly noncommittal to any specific genre. First Ave's Street Sounds dance night doesn't have that problem: They play disco, dammit, with some classic pre-blog house mixed in to keep the continuum going. And while the repertoire is decidedly anti-trendy (don't hold your breath for Crystal Castles), the vinyl specialists Attitude City, Mike the 2600 King, and Winship boast a breadth and depth of classic disco and funk knowledge that stands up to anyone's crates. It starts with the dual Chicago/Bucketheads namedrop of their dance night's moniker and extends to a faithful replication of the manic, unremitting groove that the likes of Larry Levan and David Mancuso laid down back in the day. This ain't no VFW/wedding-DJ Village People kitschfest; expect to catch anything from early '70s Philly proto-disco to turn-of-the-'80s electro to classic Chicago house. And lose the arms-crossed pose—this one's for getting down. 18+. $5. 10 p.m. 701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612.332.1775. —Nate Patrin



Turf Club

Belly up to the bar with Peter Buck, Steve Wynn, Linda Pittman, and Scott McCaughey
Vivian Johnson
Belly up to the bar with Peter Buck, Steve Wynn, Linda Pittman, and Scott McCaughey

There's a song on Songs of Shame, the latest salvo from New York lo-fi/scuzz-psych crew Woods, that's an absolute monster of a jam. "September with Pete" stretches to nearly 10 minutes in length, its grumbling, off-key chords dueling with glancing fret asides and face-melting firework riffs and tight drum rolls. Not a word is sung, but the track works up a considerable liquid-THC lather, a Grateful Dead-esque dissonance that's as head-trip immersive as the group's shorter, more concise tunes are hoary-folkie catchy. Woods principals Jeremy Earl and Jarvis Taveniere have a gift for editing Wooden Wand & Vanishing Voice-type largesse into something user-friendly, while retaining the fried-cerebellum, wah-wah pedal vibe that now-defunct tribe so treasures; losing oneself in these Woods is an unmistakable pleasure. With Vampire Hands, Daughters of the Sun, and Leisure Birds. 21+. $5. 9 p.m. 1601 University Ave. W., St. Paul; 651.647.0486. —Ray Cummings



Turf Club

After a hazy guitar intro, the second track on the Japandroids' debut album, Young Hearts Spark Fire, rolls into a an introductory beat comparable to that on Phoenix's summer hit, "Lisztomania." Mere moments after that the similarities between the two bands end, however, as the Vancouver-based duo take flight into the sonically explosive track with an energetic power that is showcased throughout the entire album. Guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse have a dynamic relationship onstage that translates into a unique combination of head-banging riffs and a punk band's ferociousness. They may not deliver singles that invite hype or radio airplay, but one thing is evident as much on the band's album as it is while watching them perform live: They put everything they have into their music. Joining the duo will be Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band and Gospel Gossip. 21+. $7. 9 p.m. 1601 University Ave. W., St. Paul; 651.647.0486. —Chris DeLine

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