Brau Brothers, Flat Earth, and Lift Bridge present new school of microbrews

Three young microbreweries try their hand at estate beers, fruit-infused concoctions, and...the "Facemeltör"?

Hoff believes that the easiest way to get consumers excited about beer is to have something new in front of them all the time, and Minnesota's breweries seem happy to oblige. In the future, I expect we'll see even more types of beer and more ways to drink them. Cask ales, or beers that undergo a secondary fermentation in a cask and dispense the beer by gravity instead of carbon dioxide, are an emerging trend beloved by beer geeks for their depth of flavor. Cellared beers, which can be aged for several years, are becoming more popular, as are restaurant beer dinners and beer-food pairings. In fact, since beer offers a wider range of flavors than wine, it can be even more interesting to match with food. As craft beer makes a stronger play for the lucrative drink-with-dinner market, wine had better watch out. 

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