Britney Spears-obsessed local artist Scott Seekins pays homage to his dream girl

Spears obsessive: "Her course runs parallel to a decline in this country"

"He's got himself, so he has to have his counterpart, who is equally as egotistical," he says, half-jokingly.

Maybe Spears will grant Seekins his dream meeting. But, as is common with the prospect of fulfilling one's dreams, Seekins seems hesitant. Few people know the real Spears, he says. The rest of us have cobbled together opinions based on a barrage of images in glossy magazines and information the media has gleaned and shoved down our throats.

"[Spears] could be a really very 'nothing there, no one's home' kind of person, or she could be somebody almost profound," he says. "I probably would be disappointed [if I met her], but I don't know that. It's kind of like the anticipation of going to a party. How many times are you going to a party and you're excited, and then you get there and it's just shit and it's boring? You're always building yourself up before. This could be this same kind of thing. Maybe it's good not to meet her, almost. Maybe if I met her I would stop working on her, if it was really bad."

Scott Seekins

That's a risk Seekins is willing to take. 

BRITNEY SPEARS will perform with the Pussycat Dolls on FRIDAY, APRIL 3, at the TARGET CENTER; 612.673.0900

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