Jamez Smith, a gay black man, says racism is alive in the Twin Cities' gay community

He accuses local gay bars of singling him out for harassment because of his race

Jamez Smith claims a gay bar discriminated against him
Kris Drake
Jamez Smith claims a gay bar discriminated against him

"The bouncer presses against my chest and asks for my ID. He didn't do this for any other of the guys. But none of the others were black," Smith says. "We all really want to believe it's innocent, but fuck that. Am I being too sensitive? No. My sensitivity makes me aware. I say to them they are being too insensitive. As for gay being the new black...it can't be the new black. The old black is still here." 

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 It's people like archmichael313 that make this problem worse. They will come up with a bazillion BS excuses in a situation that is so obviously racist, and usually blame the victim. Who the hell 'looks' for racism? Attract it? Yes we do attract people who don't like black people and somehow its our fault, not the racist's fault. Oh but archmichael313 oh-so-barely acknowledges racism exists so its okay. He apologized guys, that completely absolves him from his racism, and OMG it all goes away. archmichael313 doesnt even bother responding to the whole article.

That white guy he was with? His racism came out when he was drunk. What people say under the influence of alcohol is a side of themselves they trying from others and alcohol like breaks away that lid. He apologized because he showed that side he tries to keep under a lid broke away, not because of what he did. He is so obviously one of those white guys that cannot admit they're racist.

The local gay scene is very dominated by white gay guys (who may or not be prodominately of higher class) and with this comes white male privilege that think goes away because they're gay. Qeer people of color face way more oppression that those white guys can ever face and for this reason I hate how they are the face of LGBT. We face racism, homophobia, and sexism of we're female. But we're always shushed away because white people start to pearl-clutch and make excuses. Just because someone voted for obama does not mean they actually care about the issues Liberals claim to.

I really wish I could meet Smith and just talk to him about this and let him know he's not alone you know?


It sounds like this guy was just hyper sensitive why would you stay in the guys house over night & sleep in his bed if you were so "offended". Racism exists but I also think some people like this guy look for it & attract it. The guy that invited him to his house sort of thought out loud...But at least apologized for his statement.  It wasn't offensive enough for him to leave his house. There is under lying issues here not being touched on...its not so cut & dry.