Juan de Marcos & the Afro-Cuban All Stars

A multigenerational, 15-plus-piece orchestra, the Afro-Cuban All Stars cover the wide gamut of quintessential Cuban music, keeping things vital by mixing traditional nuggets with new compositions. Juan de Marcos, a longtime bandleader, once headed up the classic sexteto Sierra Maestra before establishing the All Stars and their revolving cast. Along the way, he played a key role in creating the Buena Vista Social Club phenomenon, in addition to leading that group when it hit the road. Politics has essentially curtailed U.S. entry by Cuban musicians since 2002, so these All Stars are Cuban expatriates; many played on the Buena Vista sessions. Among the notables will be current Minnesota resident and pianist extraordinaire Nachito Herrera. With horns blazing over scintillating tropical rhythms, the band promises a mix of Cuban favorites and new pieces.
Sun., March 15, 7 p.m., 2009
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