Transgender kids: How young is too young for a sex change?

Delving into the often tumultuous worlds of transgender youth

When Steven got to college, he didn't tell anyone he was transgender. For the first time in his life, he could be who he felt he always was—a regular guy.

Like most guys, he wants to get married and have kids someday. He really likes his girlfriend, and he's trying to find the right time to tell her about his past. "It very well may not work out after that," he acknowledges. "That's just life.

"I know who I am," he continues, "and I know it's always going to be hard. I get really scared sometimes, and I get pretty sad sometimes, and I feel isolated sometimes, but I am a happy person. And I definitely want to be here—on Earth—and I deserve to be here."

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I have no problem with a teenager exploring GII, but I've read about children who are TOO young whose parents are okay with it. I agree with Walter, these things are a BIG decision, and in all honesty, they're too young to make a decision like that. You're never sure if it is a phase or not, and in some cases, it may be.

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