The Fray, George Clinton, and more

Kitty Cat Klub

For a cruddy local garage-rock band still shy of their first birthday, Fuck Knights are turning heads because of, or perhaps despite, their name. The trio—Sir Getsalottapuss, Sir Fuxalot, and Lord Ballahag—recently released a free live album (accessible via their MySpace page) and will take the Kitty Cat Klub stage to beat willing listeners senseless with their face-melting pig iron. The record, which the group may well have recorded on a secondhand boom box, is salt in our wounds and glass in our eyes—and we love it with pumping fists. Its eight tracks deliver a combat boot to the face of all things musically obligatory, while not further soiling the flag of a grimy punk-rock nation. The more florid Me and My Arrow, whose large roster prompts the question, "What comes after octet?" join Fuck Knights, as do highly tuneful classic-rock throwbacks Victory Ship. $5. 9 p.m. 315 14th Ave. SE, Minneapolis; 612.331.9800. —Will McClain


Radio K 'Now Like Photographs' Epic Instrumental Night

Big V's

Piano-pop aficionados the Fray
Piano-pop aficionados the Fray

Now Like Photographs, Radio K's Wednesday-night instrumental space cruise, hosts its last official Epic Instrumental event. Likely named for the Six Parts Seven track of the same name (coincidentally clocking in at exactly 4:20), the show features local and national acts of the ambient, electronica, and neo-classical varieties. If you're a fan of the e-bow, loathe songs less than 15 minutes long, or yearn for a bitchin' vibraphone solo, this event may be your ticket. Scheduled to appear are local guitar-and-keyboard soundsmiths Humanda, who employ loop stations to build towering sonic structures with minimal manpower. Also stretching out for the evening are Samwell Ronan and no-rules experimental freewheelers Minneapolis Free Music Society. With so much avant-garde in one room, soundtrack-shopping Fellinis would do well to attend. 21+. $5. 9 p.m. 1567 University Ave. W, St. Paul; 651.645.8472. —Will McClain


George Clinton

First Avenue

George Clinton is one of those intergenerational icons, like Bob Marley or, unfortunately, the Dave Matthews Band, that summon college students everywhere to cosmically unite and keep on liking and liking them, decade after decade. Clinton is a rite of passage, and now an obligatory add-on to practically any social-networking profile of those between the ages of 18 and 50. Who can listen to Parliament's "Give Up the Funk" (or really anything by Parliament, arguably the best Clinton offshoot) without affectionately remembering sweaty, shoulder-to-shoulder house parties and red SOLO cups? What is it about Clinton's brand of funk? Is it the whole drug culture thing? Yes. Is it the nonsense and made-up words? Probably. Is it the autotuner and weird "Thriller" sounds? Partially. What about the rainbow dreads? Absolutely. Fortunately, unlike futons or op art, Clinton's appeal actually makes sense. It is undeniably dance-worthy and unassailably fun. The man brings people together. 18+. $25. 8 p.m. 701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612.332.1775. —Jessica Chapman


James Buckley Trio

Kitty Cat Klub

No stranger to the Dinkytown venue, James Buckley is returning to the Kitty Cat Klub Tuesday, bringing with him one of the best modern jazz acts in the Twin Cities. Following the strong reception to 2007's Stitches, the James Buckley Trio has been continually performing throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul—the consistent lineup of J.T. Bates, Bryan Nichols, and Buckley solidifying the group's role among the local musical landscape. In addition to playing the role of composer and bassist in the Trio, Buckley also acts as the bassist in the local electronic-hybrid act Mystery Palace, a position that has further helped establish the musician as one of most prevalent of the past year. 9 p.m. 315 14th Ave. SE, Minneapolis; 612.331.9800. —Chris DeLine

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