Matt and Kim, Joan Baez, and more


SUNDAY 11.16

The Rosebuds

Turf Club

Like so many other acts, the Rosebuds want to have their cake and eat it, too— they want to remain stern-browed, all the while barely stifling a chortle. The North Carolina-based duo of Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard offer up formalist indie-rock numbers that present as thoroughly serious but dissolve, lyrically, into goofisms. (Take that, Fiery Furnaces!) Consider, for instance, "Cape Fear" from this year's Life Like (Merge): Structurally, it's got slacker love song written all over it. Dundering guitars recycle a simple hook, synths reiterate what the guitars are doing at key intervals, and Crisp drapes her voice over the whole shebang as though it's a shabby dorm couch. But wait—she's singing about a baby catfish she was supposed to feed but didn't. Instead, she freed it, it ate a man, and she'd really appreciate updates on the situation as it unfolds: "Holla at me!" Or their cover of "Push It," which bulges with irony by playing Salt-N-Pepa's old-school rap classic totally straight. With Megafaun. 21+. $10. 8 p.m. 1601 University Ave. W, St. Paul; 651.647.0486. —Ray Cummings


MONDAY 11.17

Holly Golightly and the Broke-Offs

7th St. Entry

It's uncertain how U.K. record-releasing machine Holly Golightly came to identify with the country-music roots we find miles south of our fair state. English musicians have been ripping off our native genres for at least half a century. But they do it better. U.S. country music has become a bastardized version of its ancestry, more aligned with Top 40 pop than the woozy, heartbroken sagas of Loretta Lynn. I'll stick with Ms. Golightly's twangy eyebrow-raisers. With lyrics like "Ain't nobody gonna love me like the devil do," she's not posturing for any Clear Channel play. Enter the outlaw this genre needs. With Delaney Davidson. 18+. $12. 8 p.m. 701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612.332.1175. —Erin Roof

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