GWAR, All The Pretty Horses, and more

Northrop Auditorium

Even by the unparalleled standards of an icon such as Dylan, this show has the potential to be something extraordinary. It has all the makings of being "special" in ways far more specific than the "special" Pulitzer Prize he received earlier this year: not for music, not for poetry, but for being an influential, apparently amorphous cultural phenomenon. Anyway, this is widely touted as the first time Dylan will have ever performed on the University of Minnesota campus, even though he went to school there briefly and launched his career in nearby Dinkytown on the cusp of the 1960s. Also, the concert is scheduled to start at the same time the local polls close in one of the most important elections in the nation's history. Will Dylan, an enthusiastic Obama supporter, select an appropriate repertoire as the results come in? Will the times really be a-changin', or will a simple twist of fate mean that it's all over now (baby blue) and we'll have to deal with masters of war for another four years? If last summer's shows are any indication, Dylan and his band will likely juggle lots of classics (some radically reshaped) with more recent stuff. That will probably include tunes from the recently released Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 (Columbia), a sprawling, endlessly intriguing assortment of rare and unreleased tracks dating from 1989-2006. $66-$86. 8 p.m. 84 Church Street S.E., Minneapolis; 612-624-2345. —Rick Mason

Gang Gang Dance

7th St. Entry

Freak-folk phenoms Yeasayer
Brie Abbe
Freak-folk phenoms Yeasayer

Brooklyn's Gang Gang Dance aren't beholden to any particular style or scene; this foursome brew their own inimitable sonic pilsner. Into the (world) musical crock-pot go Middle Eastern themes, acid techno, cracked synth-pad and guitar-struck runoff, and frontwoman Liz Bougatsos's exotic yelp. New album Saint Dymphna (Social Registry) shrugs off those barely-on-the-leash fractal spasms previous releases like Revival of the Shittest and God's Money led listeners to expect. The under moored, reverb-drenched pulsations of old have been replaced by a slicker, poppier sound one could actually imagine folks who aren't hipsters/Wire readers/free spirits giving a second listen and getting down to. Last year's disappointing RAWWAR EP offered hints that GGD might be going in this direction, but Dymphna does a much better job of forging a connection to the band's earlier material. Plus, they brought in a rapper, and the resulting collabo works. With Marnie Stern. 18+. $12. 8 p.m. 701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612.332.1775. —Ray Cummings

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