Formed in 2005 in Israel, Ami Shalev, Yonatan Gat, and Ran Shimoni have been working to redefine rock 'n' roll—working so hard, in fact, that they have found themselves banned from almost every Tel Aviv venue. Smartly seeing the need to take the show on the road, some 300 U.S. and European shows later, including an impressive stint at SXSW, Monotonix is now known not only for a chandelier-swinging, raging-fire, drum-solo-on-a-bar, drink-stealing, ape-shit-crazy dance party, but for amp pulsating, hardcore riffs, and heavy-metal stylings. Whether you believe they are insane, immature, or ingenious, beware of cult fans and feelings that may overtake you during the performance. Seriously, keep your eyes on your drinks, your girlfriend, and your lighter. I would even recommend bringing an extra shirt. With Call Me Lightning, Gay Witch Abortion, and the Guystorm. 21+.
Wed., Sept. 24, 9 p.m., 2008
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