Dale Watson

Unsung country-music heavyweight Dale Watson is in town tonight, and no better place to have him than Lee's. Watson even has a song about the place: One more reason you should stop being an RNC shut-in and go see him. Plus, hello? Fiddle and steel guitar! Besides, our Midwestern spirits could benefit from listening to more country music. Many write it off, but there's just something so timeless and inviting and unpretentious about it. Would you be more won over by the idea if it were referred to as "honky tonk" instead? Some of you are fickle like that. Watson is old-school, for those of you who are swayed by such things. Ladies, he's kind of foxy, too. Plus you get FREE dance lessons with admission! Get ready to be asked to dance by a stranger. With Becky Thompson and Old School.
Wed., Sept. 3, 9 p.m., 2008
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