These Modern Socks

These Modern Socks may have started as a one-man bedroom band, but it has certainly evolved into something more. Even rarer: a band that melds a range of indie pop influences so seamlessly, and actually incorporates the musical tastes of its members. These Modern Socks find success with that formula on their latest effort, Picking a Lock at the Speed of Light. What results is the slow swirl of good pop—one part acoustic, with some electronic spice mixed with half a cup of bedroom pop. Now imagine all of that without making it sound like a paint-by-numbers mess. Their quirky, off-kilter lyrics are perfectly accentuated by crisp instrumentation. If you're lucky, they might even break out their cover of Tears for Fears' hit "Head Over Heels." While their new album adds more pop-influenced elements, this local gem still have a sound to reckon with. With Wishbook, Future Antiques. 21+.
Fri., Aug. 22, 9 p.m., 2008
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