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Kitty Cat Klub

As we move further along technologically, more and more people feel left out in the cold. People's iPods and cell phones may well turn on them one day and take over just like James Cameron predicted. Until then, though, we have Beatrix*JAR, who aim to take a bit of revenge before our televisions swallow us whole as we sleep. Mastering what they dub "circuit bending," they make music out of a slew of modified Speak & Spells. As far as we know, they still can't get them to say a swear, but with the help of a shitload of other equipment (a mixer, a keyboard, assorted A/V equipment, etc.) they put on quite a show. The Speak & Spells talk, sing, and laugh (a noise that is somehow more harrowing than amusing), and the beats resemble a stripped-down Daft Punk as Beatrix (Bianca Pettis) and JAR (Jacob Aaron Roske) push buttons, twist wires, play with your emotions, and generally seem like the embodiment of a hipster glee club as they implore the audience to dance, cheer them on, and trade coy glances at each other on their way to another victory. With the Histronic, Future Antiques. 9 p.m. 315 14th Ave. SE, Minneapolis, 612.331.9800. —Pat O'Brien


Muja Messiah

First Avenue

Get bent: Electro wizards Beatrix*JAR
Get bent: Electro wizards Beatrix*JAR

Muja Messiah is a genuine badass. After putting out his Mpls Massacre mixtape earlier this year with a long, impressive list of local guest stars tearing it apart alongside of him, it's time for the unleashing of his new full-length album, Thee Adventures of a B-Boy D-Boy. The album features the same brash, rough-around-more-than-just-the-edges persona, crossed with killer beats and rhymes that more than live up to the Muja hardcore stamp of approval. Hosted by hip-hop hero Brother Ali with I Self Devine, the bill is so chock-full of blindingly bright local talent from the likes of M.anifest, Maria Isa, and Black Blondie that this show is bound to shake the very foundations of the legendary First Avenue Mainroom on an otherwise sleepy Sunday night. Assemble the crew and get down there, because right now Muja Messiah stands on the precipice of hitting the scene harder than a fist to the face, and you know you wanna be there to experience it firsthand. With DJ Turtleneck. 18+. $8/$10 at the door. 8 p.m. 701 1st Ave. N, Minneapolis; 612.332.1775. —Jen Paulson


Rancid and MXPX


This tour pairing is either disheartening or inspiring, depending on where you're sitting: two third-wave vet-punk gangs straggling on long after their scene was finished with 'em. Mohawk-celebrating, politically aware Rancid arose in the early 1990s from the ashes of ska legends Operation Ivy and promptly became The Most Popular Epitaph Band That Wasn't the Offspring on the strength of crustily propulsive, gang-shouted singles like "Ruby Soho" and "Time Bomb." Meanwhile, pop-punkers MXPX—who a college pal once haughtily dismissed as "Christian punk"—bled emo before Hot Topic had a chance to colonize our great nation's indoor malls. Why either band still exists at this point is anyone's guess: nu-metal sunk Rancid's ship after ...And Out Came the Wolves blew up, and A&R suits have spent, like, a decade trying to figure out how to make MXPX quasi-famous with no success. Yet both Manic-Panic dinosaurs stagger on in a world where fake designer sunglasses are the new chain wallets and Good Charlotte figureheads are dating Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. All ages. $19.99. 7 p.m. 3090 Southlawn Dr., Maplewood; 651.779.6984. —Ray Cummings

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