Pregnant Pause

Governor Tim Pawlenty may have vetoed the legislation, but that hasn't stopped women from being surrogates

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SITTING ON HER PORCH, Suess's face glows as keeps a close eye on her new son. Jimmy has hit the terrible twos, and though he can't say much yet, he has figured out how to get what he wants. He drops his bowl off the porch to signal that it's snack time, and punches the buttons on the cordless telephone when he wants attention.

The boy is quick to show off that he has learned how to turn on the outdoor water pump all by himself. Curiously, he doesn't understand that this means he's going to be splashed.

When he comes to his mother, pointing to his wet clothes, his face scrunched with fear and confusion, she laughs and helps him dry off. Within seconds, Jimmy has forgotten all about the water and runs to chase the family cat. A tractor roars by on a nearby dusty country road and Jimmy shakes with glee. He skips over to his mom, giggling and pointing in the direction of the sound. Suess takes him in her arms and hugs him for a minute. She kisses his blond head and whispers into his ear, "You're mommy's son, aren't you?"

Jimmy struggles to get free and runs off to play. "Really," his mother says, watching her son. "Who could ever say this is wrong?"

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