Electric Fetus: Still relevant after 40 years

The store reveals its secrets of vitality

Last year when Carl had heart surgery, Phyllis picked up the weekly list and brought it to the hospital. In his notable absence, employees of the record shop sent along a stack of get-well cards.

"How many other places will do that for you?" asks Carl.

Just like the Petersons, there are a host of other customers who incorporate the Fetus into their weekly routine, another stop between the grocery store and gas station, getting their fill of music. Over the years, the Fetus has built all sorts of relationships, resulting in friendships, marriages, and memorable meetings with musicians like Billy Bragg, Bon Iver, and Patti Smith during in-store performances.

King of the music junkies: Electric Fetus store manager Bob Fuchs
Darin Back
King of the music junkies: Electric Fetus store manager Bob Fuchs

Like a proud dad, Covart says he's been blessed.

"Damn, it's crazy. I don't know a better word for it," he says in a moment of reflection.

Although many of us are used to it by now, plenty still wonder what's behind the name, "Electric Fetus."

Covart smiles when asked, and says it can't really be explained.

"It was the '60s. It just made sense."

Well said, man. 

THE ELECTRIC FETUS celebrates its 40th anniversary with Doomtree, Polara, the Hypstrz, Tony Glover, the New Standards, and more on FRIDAY, JUNE 13, at FIRST AVENUE and the 7th ST. ENTRY; 612.332.1775

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