Critics' Picks: Yellow Swans and more

Varsity Theater

Dance Band stand pretty much unchallenged as Minnesota's foremost incitement to party, and for good reason. A bunch, actually, including the quintet's polyrhythm-enriched disco, and first and foremost, their penchant for disrobing on stage whenever opportunity knocks. But beneath all that exposed skin lurk five souls seething with seriousness. As founder and head of the Maasai Cultural Foundation, drummer Hans Johnson (Perfect Beat) labors tirelessly on behalf of Kenya's perpetually threatened Maasai People. Naturally, his bandmates assist with fundraising efforts—even sometimes manning a kissing booth at benefits for the organization. Saturday's extravaganza finds openers Best Friends Forever, Solid Gold, and Look Book stepping up for the cause with style and grace. 18+. $6/$8 at the door. 9:30 p.m. 1308 Fourth St. SE, Minneapolis; 612.604.0222. —Rod Smith

Wolf Eyes

Triple Rock Social Club

Cyndi Lauper is throwing a pride party and everyone's invited
Cyndi Lauper is throwing a pride party and everyone's invited

In what seems like the blink of a bloodshot eye, Michigan's Wolf Eyes have morphed from a trio of tone-wrangling freaks into noise rock's Grateful Dead, issuing an incessant stream of toxic sonic waste via online distos and Sub Pop and touring the world like it could all end tomorrow. (And that's not even taking into account all the solo and side projects: Hatred, Graveyards, Demons, Dead Machines, and on and on into pulverized-note, hard-to-track-down infinity.) With the aid of homemade electronic rigs, the trio of Nate Young, John Olson, and Mike Connelly alternate between landscape-flattening conflagrations and interminable stretches of creaky, nerve-plucking doom-dread. They're the rotting corpse in the haunted house; they're the squirming, glistening insects under the lifted stone; they're the urine-curdling scream most of us manage to keep under wraps in a world that's slowly running down; they're coming to your burg to peel the paint off your walls and make your ear doctor a rich, rich dude. With Alexandra St. Germain. 21+. 10 p.m. $8/$10 at the door. 629 Cedar Ave. S, Minneapolis; 612.333.7399. —Ray Cummings


True Colors Tour

Target Center

Most politicians are fairly spineless; they'd rather blow off the unique concerns of their gay, lesbian, and transgender constituencies than risk alienating their silent-majority bases. So it's left to artists, actors, and pop stars to fill that vacuum. Now in its second year, the True Colors Tour aims to increase awareness about GLBT issues, further the quest for equality regardless of sexual orientation, and entertain you. The festival is the brainchild of spunky '80s siren Cyndi Lauper, who's brought along a who's-who of out-and-proud performers and comrades-in-solidarity: The lineup includes comedians Rosie O'Donnell and Wanda Sykes, New Wave survivors the B-52s, quirky indie-diva Regina Spektor, synth-pop twins Tegan & Sara, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Carson Kressley. Sounds like a great way to while away a hot summer's day—not to mention support a cause that's been lost amidst all the recent election-year bickering. $38-$128. 6:30 p.m. 600 First Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612.673.0900. —Ray Cummings

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